230 kW (308 HP) @ 2100 rpm
Thermodynamic Cycle Otto 4 stroke
Air handling TCA
Bore x Strokemillimeter117 x 135
Total Displacementliter8,7
Valves per cylinder#4
Cooling System liquid
Direction of Rotationviewed facing flywheelCCW
Compression Ratio 12 : 1
Injection System MPI
Arrangement 6 L
DimensionsLxWxH (mm)1174 x 1001 x 1079
Dry Weightkg870
Center of gravity (FFOB or RFOB according to picture, standard engine layout)x   mm y   mm z   mm3,4 216
Principal moment of inertia(reference on center of gravity)I1 kgm2 I2 kgm2 I3 kgm25,69E+07 1,08E+08 1,36E+08

L (in line)
V (90° V configuration)